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NEW - Approaches to Poetry: 20 Lessons for the English Classroom. By Brian Moon. 2023

In 20 comprehensive chapters, Approaches to Poetry offers complete lessons on a wide range of genres, from haiku to sonnets, ballads to epics, and covering a variety of topics: folklore and legend, found poems, curious characters, histories, poems of time and place, and classic reflections on love, youth and age. This volume focuses on poems from the English tradition, spanning works by Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, Thomas Gray, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emily Bronte, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Matthew Arnold, and many more. Each chapter features instructional text, poem selections, and practical activities that encourage curiosity, close reading, creative writing and analysis. Approaches to Poetry is equally useful as a teacher reference, classroom textbook, or home-schooling resource.

Paperback, 291 pages, $29.15 AU RRP. ISBN 978-0-646-88583-4.

NEW - The History of Popular Schooling - Introductory Lectures for Teacher Education. By Brian Moon. 2023

Initial Teacher Education courses in Australia rarely address the material history of popular schooling, focussing instead on idealised philosophies and theories of education. That decision can leave new teachers ill-equipped to interrogate the origins of modern ideas and practices, or to recognise the biases and limitations inherent in some current orthodoxies. This small volume addresses the problem by offering an accessible introduction to the history of popular schooling, from its complex beginnings in the absolute states of early-modern Europe, to the present. In doing so, it highlights the remarkable successes of modern schooling, while also exposing the dangers of principled critique and utopian theorising. Chapters cover The Great Experiment, The Rise of the School, Pedagogy/Ideology, and Rethinking Schooling. With questions for discussion and reflection included, these lectures can serve as a useful course module and as a stimulus to further inquiry.

Paperback, 140 pages, $18.64 AU RRP. ISBN 978-0-646-88047-1    Ebook for Kindle (pdf), $11.50 AU.

FORTHCOMING in 2024 - Teaching English: Essays and Lectures.

Teaching English is a collection of essays, lectures and professional development seminars for teachers of English, drawn from the author's long experience as a classroom teacher, curriculum specialist and university researcher. The diverse offerings cover a wide range of topics, including the history and philosophies of school English, instructional methods for core curriculum topics, and the politics of the English classroom. Among the instructional topics addressed are visual text analysis and film study, the teaching of poetry, approaches to narrative writing, and the use of computer games in English. The book combines practical strategies for the classroom with a more general reflection on the aims and methods of English.

Paperback. Pricing and details to come.

Titles published by Chalkface Press
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Introducing Literature is a new and comprehensive introduction to literary analysis, criticism and theory. Ideal for senior secondary school or college students beginning a literature course, the book starts with basic principles and methods and leads to theorised approaches to literature study. It covers fundamental skills and issues: definitions of literature; why we read literature; how to analyse texts and contexts; creative responses to literature; and current theories and issues.

An extensive reference section offers outlines of essential background knowledge: myths and legends to know, narrative schemas to know, twelve critical theories to know, and a timeline of English Literature.

2016. Paperback. 222pp. ISBN:9781875136353 RRP $49.95 AU.


Literary Terms: A Practical Glossary is an innovative reference for students and teachers of English and Literature, combining clear definitions with practical activities and examples. The new Third Edition adds more than 80 new terms alongside fully revised definitions and activities for many existing entries. Modern terms and concepts such as discourse, deconstruction, ecocriticism, ideology, and subjectivity are treated alongside traditional terms such as aesthetics, allegory, rhetoric, satire, social realism and voice. Additionally, new entries covering drama, poetry, prose and the novel make Literary Terms more versatile and comprehensive than ever. Ideal for classroom use or as a personal reference.

2017. Paperback. 254pp, ISBN:1 875136 38 4.  RRP $42.95AU.    Australian and US covers shown.


Viewing Terms: For Film and TV Study is a comprehensive guide to the complex terms and concepts used in modern film and television studies. Along with clear definitions, the book includes examples and practical activities that help build understanding and analytical skills. The book's 30 major entries and 300-plus terms cover a wide range of theoretical and analytical concepts, including audience, auteur theory, camerawork, film codes and conventions, mise en scene, montage, shot, target audience, viewing practices and much more. In addition, the Quick Reference section covers a range of technical and industry terms from ADR to Zip Pan. Many entries are illustrated with high quality stills and montage sequences from classic film and television sources, including Citizen Kane, The Third Man, The Matrix and The X-Files.

2004. 210pp. ISBN:1 875136 22 3.$37.95AU.


US Edition. Studying Poetry takes a groundbreaking approach to its subject by treating poetry not as the myserious product of 'gifted imagination' but as a kind of social practice. The book makes poetry study less intimidating for teachers and students by showing the rules and expectations that readers and writers of poetry follow. It is filled with practical activities, including a whole chapter showing how to write critical essays in response to poetry, and contains over 50 poems chosen to illustrate important concepts.

This volume is now out of print in Australia but can still be found in libraries.

1998. Paperback. 160pp, ISBN:1 875136 20 7.


Writing Projects is a two-volume course in writing that introduces students to the basics of form and style through a series of detailed project tasks. The core genres of description, story writing, review, essay, and formal speech are treated in detail, using models, demonstrations, guided writing activities and skill-building exercises. In contrast to the highly abstract 'expressive' approach taken by most writing manuals, Writing Projects gives detailed and direct instruction in specific techniques of form and style. Based on classical methods, the projects focus on rhetorical divisions, planning and design, sentence-level style and diction.

2010. Paperback. 128pp, ISBN: 978-1-875136-29-2 (Vol.1) ISBN: 978-1-875136-30-8 (Vol.2) $24.95AU each.


Writing Critical Essays (by Brian Moon and Bronwyn Mellor) provides students with detailed, practical help in the the difficult task of writing essays about works of literature. Unlike most writing handbooks, which offer generalised advice, this text takes students step-by-step through the writing of essays on specific topics such as narrative structure, theme, character, gender and race. The book includes models of complete essays, many written by students, as well as step-by-step guides for planning, writing and referencing. There is also background information on important literary concepts and skills. Novel extracts and complete short stories for analysis are included in the book. This allows for detailed and explicit teaching, as every reader has access to the complete source materials.

2001. Paperback. 200pp, ISBN:1 875136 27 4, RRP $37.95AU.


Studying Literatureis an introductory textbook for senior students starting out on their first formal study of literature. Drawing on broadly postmodern theories and approaches, the book helps students investigate the values, assumptions and practices that underly literary activities. It introduces important concepts, such as the social contexts of literary practice; dominant and resistant readings of literature; 'gaps and silences' in texts; and issues of race, class and gender. One whole chapter is devoted to the issue of gender, with a focus on both feminism and masculinities. The book is now out of print in Australia but can still be found in libraries. It has been superseded by the more recent and more comprehensive Introducing Literature.

2000. Paperback. 93pp, ISBN 0-8141-4871-9.

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